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Getting Results

For better or for worse, ALL of the things we do have results or an outcome. Wouldn’t it be cool to shape your life to provide positive and desired/wanted results?

This post is related to one of my passions … Improving yourself. I’m gonna spend a little bit of time here, and hopefully help you get closer to achieving your dreams.

Many moons ago, a saying became very popular and has seemingly stuck with us … The saying is: “Knowledge equals power.”

While this is a potent statement, I do not feel that it applies as well today as it may have eons ago. It’s my belief that it takes a good deal more than knowledge to give you power.

My trademark super-secret formula is:


  • Knowledge
  • Focus
  • Drive
  • Results

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is information, facts, or data that is gathered through many areas like:

  • Internet searches (Google it, but beware fiction);
  • Books, videos, audio recordings, and other media;
  • Life lessons;
  • Peers, friends, and family members;
  • Church;
  • Schools and training;
  • Your own thought process.

Try some of the following ideas to utilize the knowledge that you gather:

  • Gather information and ideas;
  • Select an optimal approach to tackle tasks;
  • Utilize friends, mentors, coaches, and peers (bounce ideas off each other);
  • Learn by doing (“sharpen the saw” as Covey likes to say);
  • Avoid analysis paralysis.

When a baby touches a hot stove, she does not need KFD (Knowledge, Focus, and Drive) to learn and follow through. In most cases, when extreme pain is involved, the focus and drive come naturally.

Unfortunately, most things in life will not be powerful (painful) enough to ensure we will do what it takes to accomplish our desired result or outcome.

Be proactive instead of reactive!!! The baby scenario aside, we all deserve and desire a healthy and happy life … So, make that your focus and drive. Instead of waiting for a doctor to tell you that you’ll need a walker, or are going to die … I challenge you to walk away from this discussion and be proactive in creating a healthier you!

What is focus?

  • Concentration;
  • Motivation;
  • Application;
  • Thinking or pondering;
  • Hard work;
  • Devotion;
  • Believing.

Design a doable plan to achieve your desired outcome (avoid analysis paralysis). Once you plan is in place, utilize focus to stay on track with what you know and make adjustments as necessary to achieve your final outcome. Keeping a journal and tracking your progress will make a big difference in accomplishing things you set out to achieve. Make sure that you watch out for time stealing distractions. Finally, surround yourself with like-minded people.

Let me ask you something ... When an airliner flies from Dulles Airport to Sea-Tac Airport do you think that it simply flies one straight path over the entire flight? Of course not. A flight across the country goes through thousands of course corrections. For similar reasons, you must stay in touch with your goals and ensure that your daily path is adjusted to get you to your final destination!

“Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right.”
— Henry Ford

What is drive?

  • Willpower;
  • Gumption;
  • Determination;
  • Get-up-and-go;
  • Mental toughness;
  • Persistence;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Resolve;
  • Tenacity.

Along this path, find some leverage. Sometimes this leverage will be small, and others it will be as big as a doctor telling you, "You will die if you don't change." Regardless of the size, leverage is a very powerful tool to help you follow through with goals

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. Concentrate! Dig deep when you must. Be persistent, and NEVER give up!!!

Now we can say it … “Just do it!”

What are results?

  • Outcome;
  • Consequences;
  • Goals;
  • Conclusion;
  • Effect;
  • Finale;
  • Product;
  • Accomplishment.

Define your desired results or outcomes. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Exercise and/or weight loss;
  • Get closer with God;
  • Financial success;
  • Happy home;
  • Improving at work;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Write a book;
  • Live a righteous life;
  • Become a successful entrepreneur.

Apply KFD=R today!

In order to be successful at using KFD=R you need to know your “desired outcome” or the results you wish to achieve. These results need to be clearly outlined and defined.

Once you know your results you will want to set short and long term goals. These goals will vary based on the desired outcome.

"Climbing Our Mountains Takes Knowledge, Focus, and Drive"
— Vaughn Ripley

I hope this post was helpful, insightful, and most of all motivational! And ... As always ... Please give me feedback and provide comments on your own life experiences!

See ya soon,

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  1. Nice post Vaughn. KFD=R.

    I see you’re reading strong fathers, strong daughters. One of my favorite books about being a Dad.

    Keep writing.

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