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P90X Redux

Many moons ago (actually two years ago) I bought and started the P90X® training routine. It was crazy tough and time consuming ... I only made it two weeks before giving in to time constraints. However, I never forgot how exhilarating the DVD set was.

Now move forward in time with me to two weeks ago *insert eerie time travel music here*

My lovely wife, Kristine, and I decided to give P90X® one more go. So, we spent a couple of weeks doing the program at a lower fitness level to adjust our bodies to the routine. Yesterday (6/26/12) we started the routine for real.

And ... drum roll please ..

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. It kicked my ass! Near the end of the Chest and Back routine I nearly vomited from the eXtreme workout! Good stuff!!!

This workout does not disappoint, and easily lives up to its namesake (I assume the X stands for eXtreme).

Tonight's workout was Plyometrics, and I find that one a touch easier than the first. However, once again I pushed myself to my boundaries. I know that as the weeks progress I won't feel as broken during the routine, but I will continue to step up to the plate and push myself to outer limits!

I didn't call you guys here today to simply brag about the fact that I've started P90X®, or that I will complete it this time ... Nay ... This article is all about more than me. It is actually about you. You guys and gals all know that I tout the #Fit4LifeTraining horn on a regular basis. Well, today I am doing it again with a motivational push at you. At least once every two months I talk about one or more of my workouts to try and motivate and inspire YOU!

Many of you already workout regularly and probably don't need to hear me say this. If you are one of those folks, you can stop reading now and go about your routine ... Better yet, stop reading, scroll to the bottom, and add a motivational comment to this post. However, if you are like the majority of people, and need some inspiration to workout, than read on.

We won't spend much time. I mean it really is a simple formula. If you want to lead a healthier life, live longer, be stronger, look better, be happier, lower your cholesterol, improve your sex life, and a plethora of other good things then you need to hear this:

Work Out!

You heard me right. It is a simple answer. The problem is actually getting yourself to follow through. So, on top of my wordy post, I will give you my favorite quote; which was written eons ago...

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."
— Amelia Earhart

I've done my daily (or monthly) dose of motivation. You need to do the rest. So, log off The Facebook, close Twitter, shutdown your PC, and go workout!

Please feel free to leave me comments.

Your faithful motivator,

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Posted by Vaughn Ripley

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  1. I agree 100% with your basic premise – fitness isn’t really all that complicated. Hard maybe, but not complicated. My only word of caution – if you’ve been sitting around for a while, thinking about getting back into working out – please don’t start with something like P90X. Like Mr. V said, it’s a challenging “make you puke” metabolic-type workout that is very time consuming. Like Dan John says, “everything works for about 6 weeks.”

    Start out with something basic, that fits into your schedule. Do it consistently. Make sure you’re training revolves around a solid core of exercises and rotate in some new things (in addition to those core exercises) to keep it fresh. The key is to do get out and do something, and keep doing something. Now get up and get out there — I’m going to bed.

  2. Hell, the man is right. The formula is simple: Eat less + work out more = better moods, longer life, fewer Dr appointments, glutes you could bounce a quarter off… the list of positives is longer than post Chipotle burrito bathroom break

    Quit drinking from the health information fire-hose. Dont pass up exercise opportunities to spend time learning which exotic berry extract you should rub on your tush or whether you’re pro or anti oxidant. Get out there and do it.

    1) Eat healthier AND less
    2) Pick a work-out you enjoy, stick it out for 6 weeks and then try something new.
    3) Repeat

    Life’s that much better when you’re healthy.

  3. modify modify modify I too am doing P90X but having tried and failed twice before. I have now made it to week 6. I started doing only the first 30min and then skip to ab ripper. I knew going in that I was going to go through twice doing the full hour on the sceond round. So I’ve taken to calling it P180X . It maters not what you do just do something good thats all.

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