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What is the Magic with Magic

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr. (born August 14, 1959) announced that he was HIV+ back in November of 1991. That is nearly twenty-two years ago!! So I ask again, What's the magic with Magic?

There is much speculation surrounding the question of why Magic Johnson (and many like him) have successfully stayed alive despite this death sentence. And, I believe that you can find a direct connection in "way of life" between all of the HIV/AIDS survivors. I now know literally dozens of survivors who have lived with AIDS for 25+ years (me included) and I'm certain of this (at the very least):

1. Each of these people seems to have a stronger zeal and sense for thriving than most folks;
2. They are all into health and nutritious eating;
3. Fitness is a big part of their lives;
4. Almost all of them are on a drug therapy to fight HIV;

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. All of us visit doctors and get update information and virus level tests on a regular basis;
5. Spirituality and/or meditation in some form or fashion is used by almost everyone;
6. Every one of us is surrounded by loving and caring family and friends;
7. Perhaps most importantly, we are ALL positive thinkers and have an amazing mental outlook!!

I am not saying that folks who have died from HIV or AIDS didn't combine these same attributes ... Rather, I'm saying that it's my belief that by combining these things you stand a much higher rate of success and chance at living a fairly normal life while dealing with HIV.

To me, Magic Johnson was and is an inspiration ... He really was the one who opened the eyes of the world. Magic finally made the disease "real" to the general public. He made it okay for me to admit I had it. And, he created the Magic Johnson Foundation to help raise money to support HIV awareness and to combat HIV and AIDS. Since its inception, the Magic Johnson Foundation has diversified to include other charitable goals as well.

So, to bring it all together ... As I finish up my series of articles about The Secret to HIV Longevity ... If you (or someone you know) are fighting HIV and AIDS, please combine ALL of the above things to improve your chances at survival.

Unite and Thrive!!!

Shared with empathy,

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Posted by Vaughn Ripley