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How to Create Your Own Blog

Posted by Vaughn Ripley

Several times a week I am asked two questions:

What is a blog?
How can I make my own blog?

So, I thought I would take a break from the deadly serious subject of [...]


Getting Results

Posted by Vaughn Ripley

For better or for worse, ALL of the things we do have results or an outcome. Wouldn’t it be cool to shape your life to provide positive and desired/wanted results?

This post is related to one of my passions [...]


First Journal Entry

Posted by Vaughn Ripley

Figure that my first Journal entry would be about a funeral... What're you gonna do?

Anyway, I saw my friend Rob for the first time in years last night. It was at the wake for his wife, Debbie. Painful. It was great to see Rob, but the circumstances were less than desirable. Along with Rob, I saw [...]