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My First Book Signing was a Success

I had a great day in Boonsboro, Maryland. I was at Turn the Page Bookstore at my first ever book signing. That's right ... I popped my cherry today! And, it was thrilling to say the least!!!

The weather was mild for a mid-February day. But, the wind made up for the warm temperatures. Gusty blasts of cool air threatened to turn the crowd away. Luckily for me and seven other authors, the fans stuck in there through thick and thin and filed into the little book store, filling it to capacity

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. All-in-all we had more than 300 people come through and met each and every one of them.

Before the crowd was allowed down to the signing area, I setup my modest table and prepared for the fun that would follow.

The store handed out tickets prior to the event and let the fans come down in packs of about a dozen people.

I moved into my cozy seat between romance novelists and a psychic massage therapist (Mary Burkhart Reed). It was exhilarating sitting with all of these fabulous authors (to say the least). I was in some famous company and really felt proud of being a part of the event.

Since this event was local for me, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of having some of my close friends dropping by to see me. Here's my brother in-law with his twins and my two darling children:

My wife, Kristine, was a sweetheart and supported me by coming out with the kids and hanging out with me for a bit. I was so excited to see them, and Trinity even brought me a card that she made about my book. It was the highlight of my day to see their beautiful faces and chat with them briefly.

Here are the group of romance novelists who were there. It was a diverse group and there were fantasy, horror, and standard romance novelists among them. In this photo are (from left to right): Stephanie Dray, Grace Burrowes, Pamela Palmer, Nora Roberts (AKA: J.D. Robb), Jeaniene Frost, and Mary Burton:

After all the crowd was gone and nothing was left but a few happy authors, I grabbed Nora Roberts and took a quick photo with her.

This was a very pleasing environment and a great group of writers for me to learn from. I feel like my initial book signing was a tremendous success!

Hopefully I will see you at my next event.


Posted by Vaughn Ripley

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