HIV Longevity Still Fighting…


The Truth About Hemophilia

Posted by Vaughn Ripley

A better title for this article might have been, Hemophilia is a Pain in the Butt!

Or even, Allow Myself to Explain -- Myself.

However, I stuck with this one. Basically, I thought I would introduce you clotting readers to the [...]


Eyes of the Hawk’s, Part Three

Posted by Guest Blogger

This is the last day. The last day of the first week of the next chapter of our lives. Kiddo has been transformed into a walker at school, from having been a bus rider. Just as unexpectedly, I have transformed into a singleparent-fulltimeworker-everythingrestsonme type person. It is Friday morning. As I pull out from the school driveway to go punch the clock, I arrive at a tee intersection. A choice. Left? Right? What the [...]