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How to Live Longer

Don’t laugh; the fountain of youth does exist. Living longer does not only apply to HIV+ folks, this information will work for everyone. Following some simple guidelines and principals can have you on the path to increasing your life expectancy.

Many people from different walks of life told me precisely what I needed to do to prolong my life while dealing with HIV

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. What I found along the way, and with my experience is that these ideals also apply to everyday human beings.

I have spent (and continue to spend) countless hours meeting with gurus, coaches, doctors, and experts in different fields to figure out how to improve my chances for living longer. I've also read countless books, articles, and blog posts. Along the way, I have compiled information from friends, family members, authors, scientists, and a plethora of other sources. Here is a little bit of what each of them had to say:

  • Doctors told me that the only way to prolong my life was to take a daily regimen of medication and never miss a dose. They explained that I must work hard at always taking my prescriptions at specific times.
  • Fitness Fanatics said that the only way to live past my doctor's timeline was to lift weights, do cardio, and maintain a fit body. They encouraged me to join a gym and make sure that I worked out at least five or six times per week for an allotment of 45 minutes or longer.
  • Religious Zealots told me that the only way to survive was to give myself up to God, pray for his support, and leave everything in God's hands. They explained that there was no manmade solution to my problems and that only through God would I last on this earthly domicile.
  • Health Nuts encouraged me to refrain from smoking, drinking, and indulging in recreational drugs. They also explained that I needed to eat only organic foods and stay away from processed “shelf food.”
  • Positive Thinkers revealed that I had to think only positive thoughts and breathe out the negative thoughts. They went on to show me how a positive attitude and outlook would go a long way in helping me survive on this pale blue dot we affectionately call Earth.
  • Nutritional Nuts explained that eating a healthy diet and banning junk food was the only way to live longer. They explained that I must carefully calculate my calorie intake and distribute the macronutrients properly.
  • Yoga Enthusiasts relayed that in order to make it, I must meditate, stretch, and find my inner self. These gurus and yogis laid out a plan of daily relaxation and a stress-free living style that would allow me to accomplish my goal of prolonged life.

While I see the power in each person’s viewpoint, I also saw that they were strong in individual ways. So, I found myself asking the question, Who is right?

After 25 years of survival with HIV … After studying literally hundreds of books … I can tell you that I believe that I am here, one of the longest living HIV+ people in the universe, because …

…Drum roll please…

It is my honest opinion that I am here today, alive and kicking, because I have combined the advice and knowledge from everyone on those lists and created my own plan based on my lifestyle and needs. The short answer to my question is, They are ALL right!

It also my guarantee (or you can get your money back, no questions asked), that if you apply these same principals in your life, that you will live longer.

I hope you have a great day!


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