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Longevity, Life, and Joy

For as long as I can remember I have heard people talk about getting to a ripe old age or wanting to live forever. We as a humanity have for the most part, believed that is what we should do, as if we should do anything to postpone death.

It has come to my attention that the fear of death has such a hold on us that we are in a type of bondage from this fear. I have seen and heard about many elderly people and people on their death beds scared to die, afraid to close their eyes for fear they may die, filling their body with chemicals to live one more day, praying for one more day. It does not have to be this way. This fear has been placed in our consciousness from one generation to the next. There is a Native American saying I think most of us have heard. "It is a good day to die." This is not a reflection of the weather. It is a reflection on a life that has been lived to the best of the individual’s ability, honoring life with respect and love, knowing of the Great Circle of life. I wish to help alleviate the grip this fear has on the many. It is when we can look at death with a different perspective and know in our hearts that this is not the end. Life is always changing and although at the time of death we no longer have a physical body, we still exist. Life is eternal.

Death comes for all and it comes at the time that is in Divine order. In other words God has the last word. We are all part of the Great Circle, created by Source, we all have this Source energy within our being. Dying may be frightening, but when death comes the Angels are there with us as are our loved ones, from this life and all the other lives we have lived. Consciously we may not remember the other lives, but love is eternal and our loved ones in the "unseen" have never lost touch with us. Know in your heart they are there, on the other side, wishing only the best for us and loving us every second

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. Find comfort in knowing that we are never alone and at the time of death the Angels and our loved ones will be there to take us by the hand. It matters not the religion or the beliefs held.

We can change our perspective about death from one of fear and doubt. We can change our lives from one of fear and worry to one of joy and acceptance. Quiet your mind and go to your heart.

Find your joy. We are one.

This guest blog was written by: Sherri Bridges Fox

Sherri's Bio

I have a BS in Human Development and Learning, and a Masters in Counseling. I am a Reiki Master and a Shamballa Master Hearler, I am also an ordained Minister.

Almost three years ago I found my 17 year old son dead in his bed. My spiritual journey had already begun, without it I would not have survived finding my son.

We live on a farm I call Serenity Farm. I honor all life and see life in all things. I wish to help others to find their joy and on their path to awakening.

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