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Jump Start Your Day

What if I told you that if you give me 13 minutes, I PROMISE your day will be more enjoyable and go smoother!!! What have you got to lose?

Lately I find that I am slower getting out of bed. Perhaps this is because I'm getting older (I will turn 45 on Thursday). Another thing I have noticed is that how I get out of bed affects my ENTIRE day!

Starting NOW, I am going to improve this battle in the morning. Wanna do it with me??

Let's promise each other that we WILL NOT hit the snooze button. I wish I could disable or remove mine. If you find that this is too tough for you, my good buddy Nino Greasemaneli likes to put his alarm clock across the room from him, to ensure that he has to get up and run to shut off the alarm. I do this too ... My alarm clock is on a dresser a litte ways away from the bed, so I have to get up and walk some to turn it off.

Train yourself to jump out of bed immediately, with no hesitation, and start your day with movement. When I say, "jump," I mean it ... Literally leap with excitement and land with crazy eyes and a huge grin!!! (My wife is gonna think I'm nuts ... Maybe she already does ... HA!)

The next thing we will do together is to keep our shoes and a pair of shorts beside the bed and hit the ground running!

I'm going to start walking my dog, Samson every morning... So, I will simply jump into my shorts and shoes and head down to take him out! If you don't walk the dog, go outside anyway and do a brisk walk. I am talking about you being outside within two minutes of your alarm going off. No excuses! Don't stop to take a pee even! Get up and run for the door! (okay... You can pee if you have to, but NOTHING else!)

Samson is a little older and bigger these days ...

Here is the fun part of your walk. Breathing exercises...

Start your walk with a deep breath holding exercise that I learned from Tony Robbins. Inhale briskly and deeply to a count of seven (7). Hold this breath for a count of 28 (you might not be able to do this the first couple of times you do it). Now slowly exhale to a count of 14. The ratio is: 1 in / hold for 4 / 2 out So if you can only inhale for a count of 5, then do 5 in, hold for 20 and then exhale for 10. Get it? Good! Repeat this exercise 3 times (this will take just about three minutes).

Then, for the next five minutes of your walk, perform "breathwalking." Essentially, you inhale four times through your nose, exhale four times through your mouth, and repeat continuously for five minutes. During my exhale, I chant a powerful 4-syllable incantation like "my day is great!" Or, you could try, "I will lose weight!" Just make sure you chant something positive! Mucho thanks to Tony Robbins for teaching me this one too!

Finish the last minute of your walk by calming your body and then do several minutes of easy stretches.

So in 13 minutes, we have just sealed the deal for a fantastic day!

I plan to follow my "breathwalk" with a 45-minute run (after dropping the boy inside the house) and then a more extensive stretch. On days that I don't jog, I will go right down to my gym and do 45-minutes of "other" training.

Who's with me? I want a commitment for at least the 13-minutes to enrichment!

Because I am such a good planner, here is my morning routine that I have setup. If you dig, use it as an example of how you can do your own

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4:25 a.m. WAKE UP WITH VIGOR!!!
4:30 a.m. do the Eagle breathwalk exercise with Samson.
4:45 a.m. run or workout for 45 minutes.
5:34 a.m. stretch for 11 minutes.
5:45 a.m. make and eat a healthy breakfast.
6:15 a.m. jump in the shower and get ready for work.
6:45 a.m. drive to work!

Happy mornings to you,

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