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Social Media is Here to Stay

I occasionally hear some old school folks put social media down and I've even heard some say it is a passing fad. To that I say, "Bunkum!" Social media is not simply a passing fad. What you may find is that some of the social media SITES are passing fads. They come and go so fast, many don't even know they existed. Tobri is a good example of that. It was a small social media site that tried to act along the lines of Facebook and others. Unfortunately, the popularity never was achieved and it slowly faded away.

Juggling a bunch of social media sites is impractical. Instead, you should seek out powerful dashboard and automation tools.

Social Oomph is one of those tools. With it, you can automate DM (direct message) replies to anyone who follows you on Twitter. Or, you can preset tweets to happen at a specific date and time.

I am also getting to the point where managing and staying on top of all of my social media outlets is nearly impossible

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. So, I joined XeeMe (pronounced See Me); which is not just another social media site to add to your deluge of sites. This one actually helps you to juggle that growing number of social media sites, and keeps all of your sites easily accessible and findable for your followers/stalkers. On top of that, XeeMe provides some pretty handy and useful analytic tools for your online presence.

I have a tendency to separate my business and personal aspects in social media. In other words, I use Facebook primarily for personal status updates and connections. I use LinkedIn for business connections and updates. I usually use Twitter for both personal and business updates. And, I have two different accounts on Google+ (one for personal and one for business).

If you wanna try out XeeMe, go here.

Checkout my entire social media presence (via XeeMe) here.

Let me know how you juggle your social media sites! Also, do you think that social media is simply a passing fad?


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