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Which Cloud is Grandpa?

What happens to us when we die? Why did Grandpa die? Where do we go when we die? Why do we die? When will I die? Die, die, die … These are common questions from our children. They are also common for many of us. This article will not point to answers, instead it is a philosophical look at our adorable children who ask the darndest things.

My mom, Diana, mentioned the other day that she remembers Xander looking up at the sky, pointing, and asking her, “Grandma, which cloud is Grandpa?”

These are the moments that bring tears to your eyes and at the same time make you say, “hmm.”

Xander ponders the clouds

When Trinity was very little, we had to put our Lab, Tyler to sleep. At the time, he was not only her guardian, but also her best friend. Weeks after Tyler died, I was carrying Trinity out of our car because I thought she was asleep

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. Suddenly, her eyes opened and her head turned up. She gazed at the twinkling night sky and asked me, “Daddy, which star is Tyler?”

Caught off guard, I almost sobbed out loud as the tears welled in my eyes. Many things went through my mind, not the least of which was, How on Earth did she learn to associate someone dying with the stars??

Regardless of what your beliefs are ...If you have children, there will come a time when you’ll face tough and entertaining questions along these lines. I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer (per se), but I would recommend that you cherish these moments. For not only are they far-and-few between, but they are also fleeting.

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