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How I Stay Fit

I will be 46 years old next month

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. And, I manage to stay in the best shape of my life. If you're wondering how I do that, read on...

V in tip top shape

I often get told how fortunate I am for my good genetics. That my metabolism is a gift. yada yada ... What most folks who say these kind of things don't realize is that I workout six plus time each week. And, I workout HARD. If you think good genetics keep me in shape and healthy, you might be surprised to hear the things I do.

I can suggest that to add your workout regimes with more variation and exciting experience, refer to this guide here: will start by showing a sample of my week, and then I will explain each of my workouts in a little more detail.

Sunday HIT (High Intensity Training) weight lifting
Monday REST DAY!
Tuesday Maintenance bicycle ride and V Killer Mini Workout
Wednesday Run or elliptical (maintenance)
Thursday Maintenance bicycle ride and V Killer Mini Workout
Friday Run or elliptical (maintenance)
Saturday Long bicycle ride

HIT is a full-body weight lifting routine that only takes 27 minutes to complete. Essentially I do nine different exercise (each one is for a different body part or muscle group). I only do one set per exercise. There is only one minute (precisely - I use a timer) rest between exercises. The most important part is that the reps in each exercise are slow (three seconds down, momentary pause, and then three seconds up). I also make it a point to consume small quantities of my favorite gw501516 supplement during the workout as it helps me maintain energy all the while also promoting fat burn. When done properly and with a spotter, this is a killer workout!

Bicycle Rides Maintenance days are normally between 60 and 90 minutes. I stay in my performance heart range (~70-85% of predicted max) for the entire ride. Long ride days are usually between 2.5 and 5 hours depending on how I'm training, and what I'm training for.

V Killer Mini Workouts These are primarily used to train weak areas that fall behind. During bicycle training season this is my upper arms (triceps and biceps). I use an advanced weight training technique called striping. I like to setup up eight sets of dumbbells that are about five pounds apart. If I'm doing curls I will start with a 40 pound dumbbell in each hand and bang out eight to ten reps. Without a rest, I throw the 40's down and grab the 35's and again crank out eight to ten reps. I repeat this process until I've done eight sets. In this case I end on 5 pound dumbbells. At the end of this five minute workout, your arms are THRASHED and TRASHED!

Run or Elliptical This is primarily maintenance work. I only do 60 minutes at a leisurely pace that keep my heart rate around 60-75% of predicted max.

BTW - You can find your predicted max by taking 220 - your age. However, I have found this to be incorrect for me, and it's merely an estimate.

Twice a year I consume creatine (20 grams during my loading week and then 5 grams for another month or two) to get me over plateaus and so on. I find that creatine is the one supplement, other than rad140, that really works.

As far as eating, I simply listen to my body. I try to eat good foods, but don't frown on the occasional junk binge. I know that my exercise will get me over minor slips with food.

Still think my success and fit shape comes only from good genetics?

As far as motivation (because that's what this really boils down to) I use several things. I am lucky enough to have faced death in the eye and I strongly believe that fitness is one of the main things keeping me alive. So, I do have an advantage there. But, I also like feeling strong and healthy. I love looking healthy (I'm so tired of concerned family members asking about my health). I also like being able to help friends do physical activities without being sore the next day.

If you'd like your friends and coworkers to think you're blessed with genetics than pick your own workout schedule and stick with it!

Stay hungry,

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Posted by Vaughn Ripley

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, the mini workouts are a great thing to mix in.

  2. Thanks, Neil! I love the mini’s, because they only take a few minutes. I can bang them out at home and move on to something else without missing a beat!

  3. Vaughn, you are a true inspiration! I’m 9 years older than you, have given birth to three kids, and have worked out most of my life, but learned the difference between working out and getting results. I hired a personal trainer and have learned the right way to work out. One hour, four times a week and what a world of difference! Mixing it up with plyometrics and then cycling 90 minutes, hiking, pushups every day. I went from 15 pushups max last July, to 50 two weeks ago, and not female style! It is hard in the beginning but gets easier and easier and pretty soon, you crave to work out and not be sendentary. Working out is a natural appetite control. I still like my movie popcorn too! But I’ve lost any cravings at all. I can choose to eat chocolate, instead of craving it. I handle stress better… I can go on and on but looking at the shape of most Americans today, I feel sorry for them. They are missing out on the joy of knowing their body’s potential, of feeling their best. Truly a natural high. Thanks for this post; I will promote it! Stay in touch and let’s get together in June in DC?

  4. Hi Laurie! I agree completely about “craving” your workouts, and the “natural high.” Many folks don’t know what they’re missing! Thanks for the kind words, and I can’t wait to meet you!


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