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Who Am I

Posted by Vaughn Ripley

Who am I and Why am I Qualified to Write This Here Blog?

I’m Vaughn Ripley. I was born with a blood disorder called, hemophilia. I get injections of Factor VIII (pronounced factor eight) to stop severe bleeding that comes from my hemophilia. The blood products that I get to save my life bring lots of baggage with them... Along with a plethora of viruses and sicknesses, I have gotten Hepatitis C and HIV from tainted blood.

I was diagnosed as HIV+ back in December of 1986. For this reason, I’m one of the longest living HIV+ people on the planet

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I have dealt with many sicknesses through the years and tons of side effects of HIV medication.

My recent blood work revealed that my T-cell count is greater than 550 and my viral load is undetectable. I attribute much of this to my talented doctors and medicine intake. However, I also feel that much of my wellness comes from a powerful mental attitude and stringent focus on a health-filled fitness program.

My experiences and challenges have amalgamated to make me the right person to write this Blog... Read on and hopefully you will agree!

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