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Many of you know what HIIT is... But, for those of you who don't, I will lay it out for ya.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is cardio based work that shortens your workout time and intensifies (to say the least) your effort and outcome. Basically, it involves:

1. Warm-up: Five minutes at a slow/easy pace to get the blood flowing;
2. Intense Session: 30-60 seconds of breakneck pace on a higher resistant level (if possible);
3. Resting Session: 1-2 minutes of slow/easy pace and resistance;
4. Session Repeat: Go back to Intense Session and repeat both sessions 5-10 times;
Cool Down: Five minutes at a slow/easy pace to get the muscles (and heart) cooled down.

In the past, it was believed that you need 45+ minutes of cardio training at 75-85% of your maximum predicted heart rate. Combined with 5 minutes of warm-up and cool down, this ends up being an hour or even longer! This HIIT program keeps your workout to potentially under 30 minutes and gives you FAR more bang for your buck. Trainers, doctors and scientists have done the legwork to prove to us that HIIT does more for increasing your cardiovascular system and in burning calories.

I can tell you that my experience is along those lines. I find that HIIT has quickly increased my performance and endurance! You shouldn't try to do HIIT unless you are already in good shape and have had a recent physical and approval from your physician.

Anyway, I am now doing HIIT twice per week and then a single "long" mileage day each week. This is my latest training regiment to help with my upcomming C&O canal ride from Washington D.C. to Cumberland, MD.

If you are fit and find yourself hitting plateaus in your cardio program, give this a go (at your own risk, obviously).

Train safe, and train hard!!!


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