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Last Training Day Before the Adventure!

Nutshell: Andrew, Pete and I rode together on the C&O canal for 40 miles... Awesome weather!

Deep Dive: This ride was another epic...

On Sunday (9/13/09) morning at 8:27 a.m. Andrew and I loaded our bicycles onto my truck’s bike rack. We threw our packs and water in the back and drove to the mouth of the Monocacy River. Parking at the C&O canal parking lot for the aquaduct, we unloaded and prepared for the morning ride.

Pete showed up and started pulling his bike out of his trunk… When he pulled the front wheel out (detached from the forks), the axle fell to the ground with a loud clang. Apparently, the nut from his front wheel axle was gone!!! We searched the ground around his car. Next we tore his trunk apart and searched in there… All to no avail. It was gone like Amelia Earhart in the Bermuda Triangle!

We weighed our options…

1. We all pile into Pete’s car and drive back to his house (20 minutes each way), get an extra nut that he has and then return to ride;

2. Pete drives home, while Andrew and I wait;

3. Pete drives home and Andrew and I go without him. He would attempt to catch up to us on our return part of the ride;

4. Pete drives home and rides his own ride near his home, while Andrew and I ride the C&O.

We selected option three

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. Pete leaped into his tiny Honda and threw gravel at us as he screeched away in a mad rush. Meantime, Andrew and I slowly got our act together and got out onto the canal at a casual pace (~13MPH).

The weather was a good as you could ask for. Right about 68 degrees in the shade. The trail was a touch muddy from rain a few days earlier, but manageable. It was my first time riding with my new (non-mud) tires. They were slippery as heck in the mud… Dunno how you all do it!

Just past our halfway point (22 miles in) Pete caught up to us on our way back! He must have been flying!!!

The whole ride was great. Fairly easy. With three miles to go, we decided to “sprint” some. So, I started off like a banshee and Pete took off after me. Andrew, being the smart one, raced at a more sensible speed.

Pete and I were neck-andneck passing each other several times for 1.5 miles. Our plan was to sprint for 2 miles and then spend the last mile doing a cool down. My plan went out the window at 1.5 miles when my body finally screamed, “WTF??!!”

Easing up, I watched Pete pull away from me to win the sprint race. Andrew wasn’t far behind and we all had a good laugh back at our cars.

All-in-all a fantastic outing with some of the best weather yet!

Here is our GPS info from the ride:
Vaughn’s Garmin Info
Pete’s Garmin Info

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