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Make Your Creative Juice Flow

Our last On Writing blog article was about the choice to outline or not. Now that you've gotten past that stage, let's talk about where you can find some creativity when you aren't feeling particularly creative.

The world is full of wonderful things that can help boost your creativity. Sometimes I find that a simply walk around the neighborhood is enough to spark something magical. If I'm feeling extra dull and struggling, one of my favorite things is a hike in the wilderness. Getting away from concrete and asphalt always helps to clear my mind and inspire me to write.

Along with walking and hiking, I love music to help generate emotional creativity. Sometimes I listen to it before writing, other times I blast it while writing.

Often I find creativity being built while I read other books. I'm careful that I don't utilize the stories I'm reading but I can definitely pull some excitement to write and ideas about my story by seeing the viewpoint of other authors.

Before writing, I often watch inspirational videos on YouTube. These will spin me up more than most anything else. I get pumped and after watching one or two, my fingers literally fly over my keyboard banging out stuff.

Meditation is another technique I use to tap into my creative side

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If I'm getting writer's block, I love to do Google searches and read other blogs to help inspire me.

One area that drives me nuts and I avoid is writing with the TV on in the background. I can't juggle television shows while trying to generate a story. This might work for you, but I try very hard to make sure that the TV is not on while I'm typing away.

If you struggle with creativity and often find yourself experiencing writer's block, try playing with timing. What I mean is each day write during a different time of day. I have found that I often do my best writing before the sun comes up, so I set my alarm for an hour or two early and bang out my best work before the world even starts moving...

Hopefully, this article was able to inspire and motivate you ... But, most of all, I want to help you find creative avenues for your own adventures!

As fellow word slingers, what do you guys do to make your creative juices flow??


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Posted by Vaughn Ripley

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  1. These are all wonderful ideas and I appreciate them, thank you. You have given me just what I need to move forward with my project.

  2. Great ideas, V. I use some of the same. A shortcut for me is to hike solo into the woods. Not because the woods hold any special power for me, but because being alone in that space accomplishes several goals for me. First, it shifts my focus to “being” rather than doing or producing. And creativity is best in me when it simply flows. Also, I’ve found that that level of disconnect from screen time gives me opportunity to explore what is genuinely me, without distraction or insertion of other stuff. Examining process is fun… Thanks for sharing!

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